Testing pykube for OpenID Connect support

Posted on Mon 11 May 2020 in work • Tagged with kubernetes, openid, oidc, okta, microk8s, pykube

Setting up local dev env to test OpenID Connect support in PyKube

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Performance testing of Ansible-deploy driver for OpenStack Ironic

Posted on Fri 01 September 2017 in work • Tagged with openstack, ironic, ansible, deploy

Comparative performance testing of ansible-deploy and agent ironic drivers

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Moving on with OpenStack

Posted on Tue 07 March 2017 in work • Tagged with openstack, community

stay in community while moving along

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Graphical VNC console in ironic - early prototype

Posted on Mon 12 December 2016 in work • Tagged with ironic, vnc, drac

enabling VNC access to nova instances deployed to ironic baremetal nodes

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Азы Git и Gerrit workflow в проектах OpenStack

Posted on Tue 20 September 2016 in work • Tagged with git, gerrit, openstack

Quick-n-Dirty opinionated introduction for beginners, in Russian.

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Single Russian-Ukrainian keyboard layout on Ubuntu

Posted on Sat 20 December 2014 in work • Tagged with keyboard, ukraine, ubuntu

Using single keyboard layout to input both Russian and Ukrainian in Ubuntu

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How to set DevStack with Neutron

Posted on Mon 21 April 2014 in work • Tagged with devstack, openstack

tips and tricks on setting DevStack

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UEFI boot order on dualbooted HP EliteBook 840

Posted on Mon 14 April 2014 in work • Tagged with hp, dualboot, uefi

setting up dualbooted HP notebook in UEFI mode

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