So, you are changing jobs and moving to a next big thing, but would like to keep your community profile in OpenStack or probably will continue working on OpenStack on your new place?

Below are a couple of things that you may consider to do to keep your profile in OpenStack community accessible, and some other tips.


Basically the main account to change is Ubuntu One - it ties to both Launchpad and

After each change ensure you can login with new, personal credentials.


Change you primary e-mail to non-corporate one.


Change you primary e-mail to non-corporate one.


Change your primary e-mail to a non-corporate one.

Change affiliation. Note, that if you will be officially working on OpenStack on your new job, your new company should have signed the corporate license agreement with OpenStack foundation. If you change your affiliation to ‘Independent’, you’ll have to sign a new license agreement for independent contributors.

If concerned about Stackalytics metrics, AFAIK for some time already it uses affiliation from o.o (and not the e-mail domain) to track contributions per-company.



Add your non-corporate e-mail, make it a primary one.

Other downstream Gerrits

Depending on whether there are open repos at all, might consider trying to add your personal e-mail to the registered e-mail addresses.


Ensure your primary e-mail is a non-corporate one.


Don’t forget to change your in the .gitconfig accordingly.


If you were using that, change your e-mail to non-corporate one.


If you have any running envs (e.g.DevStack) with upstream code - push it to OpenStack’s gerrit or to the forks on your personal GitHub/BitBucket etc.

If you have any running envs with downstream code - push it to appropriate downstream repo/Gerrit.



Consider exporting mail filters, usually people end up with quite elaborate setups to sort the usual mail flood.


GDrive/Confluence/Dropbox etc - whatever corporate tool you were using.

Export personal notes etc. Beware of sensitive nature of some documents.


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