See the notation.

Donkey’s Bridge (chess cube of the 2nd order)
Christmann’s cross
R’ (MR2 MF2 U2 MR2 MF2 D2) R
Plummer’s cross
GF2 [GF (U2 MR2 U MR2 U2 MF2 D’ MF2 ) ]2
Chess cube of the 3rd order (mix of Dots and Plumer’s cross)
[ ( MF2 D MF2 U2 MR2 U’ MR2 U2 ) G’F ]2 GF2 (M’R M’D MR MD) GR G’D MR2 MF2 MD2
Chess cube of the 6th order (mix of Donkey’s Bridge and 3rd order chess cube)
[ ( MF2 D MF2 U2 MR2 U’ MR2 U2 ) G’F ]2 GF2 (M’R M’D MR MD) GR G’D MR2 MD2 MF2
6 H”
D2 MR MF2 M’R U2 GD2
6 dashes”
R2 F2 MR2 B2 L2 GR2 MR G’R
6 flags”
U’ B2 L2 U MR2 U’ R2 F2 D F B R MD R’ B’ R’ MD R2 M’D R’ F’ B2(?) R2 B2 F2 MF GF G’D
Meson (quark-antiquark) - 2 diaginally opposite corner cubes are rotated
L2 R’ D R F D F’ U’ F D’ F’ R’ D’ R U L2
Giant meson - the same as Meson, but 2x2x2 cubes are rotated
F’ U’ B U2 B’ U R U2 R’ F B D F’ D2 F D’ L’ D2 L B’
Giant meson with cherries - mix of Meson and Giant meson, 2x2x2 cube is rotated but the corner is not
R’ U2 D B’ MD B2 M’D B’ U2 D’ R L D2 U’ F MD F2 M’D F D2 U L’ M’D M’R MD MR
Globe - no tile has a common border with a tile of the same color


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